Racing Information

NLGYC is a sailing club. Every Saturday and Sunday from mid-June through August, we are racing. Six classes of single hull boats are chartered: Stars, Thistles, Lasers, Flying Juniors, N-10 Turnabouts and Optimists. Participation is easy: Come on over to the club on a weekend! Sailors always need extra crews (no experience required) or you might find a pleasant ride in a motor vessel helping on a safety patrol boat.

Beyond weekend racing, our Junior Program sailors train most weekdays, and NLGYC usually hosts a regatta or two each summer.

Racing Guidelines

NLGYC’s Racing Guidelines were last modified in 1999. In the summer and fall of 2008, the Racing Committee worked on these guidelines and proposed some amendments. Changes regarding syndication and trophy qualifications are reflected in the new Racing Guidelines.

“Thank you to all who commented during the review process.” – Donna Wotton, Principal Race Officer

Please Note…

  • Please contact Donna Wotton to receive group rate discounted pricing on Sailing Rules. Completely revised this year. All sailors are encouraged to add the new Sailing Rules to their library.
  • New radios for patrolling have been purchased. Designated patrol boats must pick up radios at end of dock prior to races. Please return them after the race.
  • Emergency Response sites now include (1) Hague Dock (2) NLGYC Dock (3) Pine Cove

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