Patrol Schedule


Please note that, for privacy reasons, the online schedule does not include phone numbers.

Patrol Guidelines (.pdf)

Harbor Master Guidelines (.pdf)

The sailing and the safety of our sailors was possible because of your participation. Thanks so much! As a sailing club, we ask all member families to patrol at least once, sailors and non-sailors. This makes it possible to keep the sailors on the race course as much as possible. For those who do not have motor boats, you may need to borrow or rent one to serve your patrol duty, or consider partnering with another member who has a boat. If you have dates when you cannot patrol, or a request to serve a particular fleet, please let me know. I can be reached at Please send any scheduling requests by the end of March.

Patrollers Take Note:

Please report to the Committee Boat by 9:40am. Be sure you have tow rope, life jackets, and an extra person on board to assist. If you can’t make it on your assignment day, please call around for a replacement. And notify the fleet captain. Questions? Call Barbie Rottier

The Schedule:

Many members are new to race patrol and are a bit unsure of the responsibilities involved. The Club has wonderful guidelines for safe and effective patrolling. If anyone wants a copy in the meantime, let me know. Barbie Rottier.

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