Membership Information

Over 200 families actively enjoy NLGYC membership. NLGYC offers a number of attractive plans that enable members to enjoy the wide variety of activities including sailing, tennis, social, junior program involvement and more! NLGYC memberships and junior program options are structured to promote optimal engagement in club events in an affordable fashion. To find out more about joining NLGYC, we can be reached at

Membership Overview and Costs

To join NLGYC, you must fill out a membership application, be sponsored by an active member, and pay an initial capital assessment of $950 (may be paid all at once or in five annual installments of $220). Your membership must then be proposed and seconded by a sponsoring member and approved at a Board of Directors meeting.

Annual Membership Levels

Once approved for membership, you may select from five membership level options. Your membership level can differ from year to year and you can upgrade your membership level at any time.

Season with Facilities: Season with Facilities membership includes use of the tennis courts, parking lot and launching facilities for racing class sailboats, participation in racing and day-use of moorings, attendance at all club events and voting. Cost = $785 for a family, $615 for a couple, $400 for an individual.

Season: Season membership includes attendance at all club events and voting, and use of the dock and parking lot while attending events and meetings. Cost = $530 for a family, $355 for a couple, $260 for an individual.

Short Season: Short Season membership is the equivalent of Season with Facility Membership, but is limited to two consecutive or separate weeks in the increments of one week, including the surrounding weekends. Cost = $435 for a family, $355 for a couple, $260 for an individual.

Associate: Associate membership includes attendance at two events and use of facilities twice. Cost = $170 for a family, $170 for a couple, $110 for an individual.

Corresponding: Corresponding membership includes no attendance at events or use of facilities. Cost = $70 for a family, $70 for a couple, $70 for an individual.

Information & Applications

For further information and detail about membership, please download and review the following documents:

Volunteer Sign-Up for Members

We depend on the involvement of members to keep our community vibrant! Please use the sign-up sheet to volunteer to help with sailing activities (including our great sailing teams), the Junior Program, tennis events, our fun social calendar and many committees. The sign-up sheet is available in both .pdf format and as a Word document.

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